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Old Fashioned Southern Style Beaten Biscuits
"A Real Southern Tradition"





"Old-fashioned southern style beaten biscuits; "a must for true Southern Hospitality."  Fully baked and ready to eat, these delightful biscuits are a delicious alternative to toast or buns.  Serve as they are, or heat for a few moments (the tray is suitable for use in a microwave oven).   Serve with slivers of country ham, other meats, cheese, beer cheese, spreads or your favorite dip.  Baked in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky for over fifty years." -The Kentucky Food Products Book

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Recipe for Country Ham

John D. Jackson, owner of Jackson Beaten Biscuits invites you to tour the Wedding Reception Planner courtesy of Acoustic Productions.  Remember Jackson Beaten Biscuits make the perfect item for the reception buffet.

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The Jackson Biscuit Company
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